Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dusan Krivsky and I am the founder and owner of a start up company established in 2012. My personal experience with paint coating date back to 1999. I started as graphic painter for movie productions, to name a few, I have worked on movies Hart's War (starting Bruce Willis), Inspector Maigret (a french TV series starting Bruno Cramer).

My company provides paint coating for large industrial projects, as well as for individual use. At present, my company has been contracted by Total's division Asphalt, a french company based in Czech Republic. My company is in charge of renovating the existing paints ranging from special paint coats of inner shell of asphalt tanks, all metal fixtures and constructions and exteriers as well as interiers of all buildings. The place of work is Total's warehouse at Kourim, Czech Republic.

We offer our services related to surface maitenance of buildings (exteriors and interiors), hotels, bridges and other objects that require maintenance of its coating. We only use materials that meet the strictest ISO certification criteria.

We use one of the most effective appliances available in the European market, AIRLESSCO TS 1500, an american product that has been around for the past 20 years. The machine runs at 230atm and has a reach of 90meters.

Should you or your company have an interest to explore my company services, I would be very keen to hear from you to see if I could be of assitance to you

Kind regards,

Dusan Krivsky (PORTFOLIO)